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The Key to Achieving Optimal Results

Achieving the best possible results from your permanent makeup procedure is ultimately a collaborative process.


As your permanent makeup artist, I will help you to define your goals for treatment and then customize your powder brow or lip brush procedure around these goals.  However, the quality and longevity of your results will depend equally on you.

I will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions before you undergo your procedure.  It is important that you understand these instructions and follow them carefully. 

Eyebrows and Lips – Aftercare Instructions

As with any cosmetic procedure, there will be a healing period after you receive your powder brow or lip blush tattoo.  To achieve optimal results, you must take excellent care of the treatment area during this healing period. 

•    Keep the treatment area as dry as possible as you heal. Avoid getting the tattooed area wet.
•    Do not apply any oils or ointments to the treatment area in the first two days after treatment. If dryness occurs after the second day, you may disinfect the area by applying a small amount of coconut oil, grape seed oil, or the ointment that will be provided to you after your procedure. Apply these sparingly; the treatment area should not be greasy but only slightly moist, with no oily residue.
•    Do not apply any other ointments, creams, or antibiotics to your brows or lips during your healing period.
•    In the days after your procedure, you may experience discharge, including residual pigment, blood, and clear fluids, from your open wound. This is normal and is not cause for concern. If this occurs, gently dab the affected area.
•    Don’t panic if dry patches or scabs form as you heal. Again, this is normal. These can be treated during your second touch-up appointment.
•    Do not apply petroleum jelly or Vaseline during your healing period. Any substance with a petroleum base can cause skin irritation, crusting, scabbing, and sweating, thereby interfering with the skin’s ability to breathe.

What to Expect after the Permanent Makeup Procedure
•    Even minimally invasive treatments such as powder brows and lip blushing can produce side effects, including swelling and bruising. Ice packs can be used to manage discomfort and provide relief. When applied as directed, aftercare balm can help to reduce scabbing and tightness.
•    The treatment area may appear too dark and slightly uneven in the days following your procedure. After two to seven days, the darkness will fade, and your appearance will begin to even out as swelling subsides. If the darkness and unevenness do not resolve within four weeks, I will make any necessary adjustments during a touch-up appointment.
•    As you heal, the results of your treatment will lighten and may even seem to disappear. This is why we will schedule a touch-up appointment after you have completely healed. Touch-up appointments are necessary to address concerns, restore color, and refine results. Most people heal in approximately four weeks, at which point we can determine the adjustments necessary to producing the best possible long-term results.

What to Avoid for 30 Days after Your Procedure

It is essential that you avoid the following for 30 days after undergoing your permanent makeup procedure:

•    Sunbathing
•    Solarium
•    Light therapies
•    Chemical peels
•    Fruit acids
•    Microdermabrasion

•    Creams that contain regenerative factors such as Retinol A
•    Acid-based creams, including creams that contain glycolic acid and hydraulic acid
•    Laser treatments
•    If possible, antibiotics, as they can cause the pigment color to fade

You may use SPF on your brows to aid with color retention.

The Post-Procedure Timeline: Brow Treatments

•    Days 1-5: Your brows will appear darker and thicker, and you will experience some scabbing at the treatment site.
•    Days 5-9: As the scabs start to come off, your brows will look somewhat patchy. Please don’t be alarmed; this is normal and will last only a couple of days. I will provide you with Aquaphor, which will help with the scabbing.
•    Days 9-12: Your brows may appear light or milky due to the formation of new skin tissue. Again, this is normal and no cause for alarm.
•    Days 12-21: Your brows will gradually begin to appear darker as the new skin settles.  

Please note that everyone’s skin is different. No two people heal alike, and results in the days and weeks after a procedure will vary.

 It is important to trust the process and allow your brows to heal naturally. If any imperfections linger after the healing period, they can be addressed during your touch-up appointment.

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